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lanuza surfing gateway of the philippines

Lanuza, Surigao del Sur, PHILIPPINES

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Campamento Cave

Campamento Cave

Once been part of the history of Lanuza, Campamento cave served as a garrison of the Japanese soldiers in the height of Japanese regime. A  naturally preserved structure that Lanuzanhons are very proud of. The  magnificent formation of stalactites and stalagmites glow in the dark and shine when hit by light.

Still a sanctuary of a large group of animals and insects like bats, snakes and giant spiders that nested inside the cave. A blended embrace of cold and warm air passing through the opening of the cave that allows you to imagine the mirror of the past.

Magkawas Falls

Magkawas Falls and Green Paradise

A place of relaxation and mind refreshing ambiance. A volume of clean, fresh and cold water coming from the heart of the jungle and flow to the mainstream and downpour to its falls and tickle your mind to have a good swim. A number of cottages scattered in the area for privacy or group sessions. A beautiful landscape with flowering plants and big trees, the whispering sound of the blowing wind, the gentle flow  of the clear river  make you feel you are in paradise.

Sanctuary Cafe

Sanctuary Cafe

A cozy place near the Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary where you can bring your family, friends and relatives  and enjoy a variety of native Filipino dishes and seafoods.

Marine Park & Sanctuary

Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary

A well-managed marine protected area that promotes habitat recovery and restores fish productivity. Fishing and harvesting is not allowed within the covered area of the sanctuary to enable matured fish to reproduce and all marine organisms to multiply.

Ancestral House

Centennial House

A century old ancestral house built on May 28, 1898, once a residence of Gabriel Uriarte Herrera, the First Mayor of CarCanMadCarLan Municipalities.

Prospero Pichay, Sr. Boulevard

Prospero B. Pichay, Sr. Boulevard

A half kilometer brick-laden baywalk stretch with magnificent lamps and verdant ornamentals along the river mouth fronting Lanuza Bay, this once-a-garbage dumping area in the 70's turned into a very scenic and relaxing site of the community. It is also an area where surf viewers and enthusiasts watch the surfer's maneuver and tricks during the Surfing Season from October to April. The entire place is packed with guests during the Annual Surfing Festival every November.


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